The forbidden collectors dream Rolex Paul Newman ref.6263 "Oyster Sotto"

By far the most coveted watch in Rolex collecting world, with the rarest dial designed in which the oyster is written under the word chronograph. For years considered a chimera, it made speak for itself all over the world after the Daytona auction at Christie’s in 2013. Sold for over a million dollars, it has forever changed the world of Rolex collecting. To date they have appeared only 5 or 6 specimens.

Probably the result of the auction does not set the price of a watch but certainly today it exceeds € 500,000. If we consider that in 2012 tow examples were auctioned, one for just under € 200,000 another with brown dial for less than € 300,000 you can understand how the watch market is also an important investment that adds to the pleasure of owning them, a important opportunity to gain.

Thanks to Mr Corrado Mattarelli for this precious interview.

Author: Luca Balella