A Unique and Iconic 1518

Today we have the chance to be in front of a timepiece that can be undoubtedly considered a “Museum” watch. The present 1518 specimen is the only one in the world known featuring “CALENDRIER PERPÉTUEL” above the day and month windows, never seen in any other reference 1518. It has been exposed at watchmaking fair as demonstrative and descriptive example of the first perpetual calendar functionality. As you can see from the pictures we took today, Its conditions are simply outstanding from every angle. It’s truly breathtaking and exciting to touch this superb artwork.

In 1941 Patek Philippe introduced the first series produced wristwatch incorporating a perpetual calendar and chronograph: the legendary reference 1518. For that “marketing” reason we find this unique signature on this dial.  Also, the conditions are just amazing: the dial is untouched, with a wonderful and historically important patina and crisp case. The caseback bears a small engraving  “Ma de Belen 5-VIII-1944” right near the pushers. Sold in 1943 the watch still has its original box.

Reference 1518 is the rarest Patek Philippe reference with only 281 pieces produced from 1941 to 1952. We can consider this example as a “descriptive – demostrative” watch and of course a dream for any of the world’s most important collector. It was sold at Christie’s Important watches auction in May 2014 for $ 684K.

Author: Luca Balella